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Christina is one of who those rare individuals that constantly radiates positivity and enthusiasm and is one who never shies away from a challenge! She was such an amazing and supportive manager during my time at EXIE. Wishing her every success in her future business endeavors as she continues her brand journey.

Angelica Payne

Christina is a superstar! She is extremely dedicated and her passion for excellence is evident in everything she delivers. Not shy of a challenge or the hard work required to achieve an outcome, Christina is diligent in planning out the best path to success and executing it with precision. She brings a wonderful, supportive energy into any team environment, inspiring those around her to advance their own potential.

Jessica (Eves) Henderson

Christina's work ethic is exceptional. She is diligent, dedicated and highly considered. By carefully understanding the end product or clients' needs, she makes decisive action to achieve these requirements - and works hard to exceed them. Her open, inquisitive style makes discussion, brainstorming and resolution in design a valuable and an effortless task. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Christina over the years.I highly recommend her skills in todays growing Fashion Industry, in-particular womenswear design. 

Helen Pappas

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